Create Campaign

What is the campaign builder and how to use it?

The campaign builder is a tool that enables users to design and implement their own marketing campaigns. It allows users to select the type of campaign, target audience, duration, and create or upload artwork for the campaign. To utilize the campaign builder, you will need to create an account, which only requires an email address. Once you have an account, you can follow the steps provided to use the campaign builder.

How to create a campaign?

To create a campaign with Oppizi, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your distribution channel: You can choose to distribute your flyers through street teams (hand to hand), direct mail, or door to door.
  2. Select your audience and distribution areas: You can target specific neighborhoods or demographics to ensure that your campaign reaches the right people.
  3. Upload your design and QR code: You can use our online design tool to create your own flyers, or you can upload your own design. You can also add a QR code to your flyer to track the success of your campaign.
  4. Review campaign details: Make sure to carefully review all of the details of your campaign, including the distribution areas and target audience.
  5. Enter start and finish dates: Choose the dates that you would like your campaign to start and end.
  6. Submit and pay: Once you have reviewed all of the details of your campaign, you can submit your order and pay for your campaign. Oppizi accepts most major credit cards.

How to choose the campaign type?

To choose the campaign type, consider the goals of your marketing efforts. If you want to increase recognition of your brand and establish its presence in the market, you may want to choose a brand awareness campaign. This type of campaign is designed to promote your brand to your target audience and can be helpful in introducing a new product. However, it is important to note that brand awareness campaigns cannot be tracked in terms of their effectiveness.

On the other hand, if your primary goal is to acquire new customers, you may want to consider a customer acquisition campaign. This type of campaign is focused on bringing in new business and is often the driving force behind the success of a company. Oppizi specializes in customer acquisition campaigns and may be able to assist you in this area.

What are the prerequisites before being able to create a campaign?

In order to create a campaign, there are several requirements that should be fulfilled. The following checklist can be used to ensure that you have all the necessary elements in place before launching a campaign:

  • Have a user account
  • Clearly define the objective of the campaign
  • Identify the intended audience or location for the campaign
  • Determine the start date of the campaign
  • Select a format for the flyer (such as A6 or door hanger)
  • Have a design or artwork ready for the flyer.