How we work

Where do we have operations?

Oppizi is currently operating in:
  1. Australia

  2. Belgium

  3. Canada

  4. France

  5. Germany

  6. Mexico

  7. Netherlands

  8. New Zealand

  9. United Kingdom

  10. United States

What is an Operations Manager responsible for?

Operations Managers are responsible for managing the operations in their assigned country, including:

  • Being accountable for the performance of City Managers

  • Supervising daily operations across each city in their assigned country

  • Supervising the creation and optimization of rosters

  • Being responsible for printer operations

  • Providing all necessary reporting materials to clients and ensuring that pre-campaign specifications are met.

What is a Brand Ambassador (BA)?

Brand ambassadors, usually called BAs, are crucial to the success of any marketing campaign, as they are the ones who interact with potential customers and share information about the brand. They are responsible for representing the brand in a positive and professional manner, and must be knowledgeable about the products or services being promoted. Oppizi has strict hiring and training processes to ensure that our brand ambassadors are well-prepared and able to effectively promote the brand to potential customers. They are also closely monitored during their missions to ensure that they are following best practices and delivering top-quality customer service.